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Florian asked 3 years ago

Hey travel lovers,
Can you recommend some hidden places in sardegna?
Greetings Flo

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Andrea (from Verona) answered 3 years ago

Dear Florian, it depends on where you want to go cause Sardinia is quite a huge island. Anyway I show you few locations divided by the 2 best Coasts.
1. Smeralda Coast is the most exclusive area with luxury hotel and villas and it is even  caracterized by enchating views. The most exclusive villages to see are Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. The best nature and sea are at Baia Sardinia and Golfo Aranci. You will find many small and hidden beaches where you can appreciate all the essence of sand and sun. I visited these places 3 years ago and I confirm they are great.

2. Paradiso Coast (nomen omen – check the meaning of this latin expression), in particular: Palau, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Golfo dell’Asinara. Maddalena Island is perfect for renting small boat (or get the organized excursions-not expensive but very exiting) because of the wild nature, sea and pure water.
Stintino is a village well known for 2 reasons: water sports (windsurfing etc) and PELOSA BEACH. This is ranked AMONG THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES OF THE WORLD.
I promise I will answer soon you again to give more details about small and less known beaches!

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Andrea (from Verona) answered 3 years ago

Here a list of beautiful beaches less crowded because quite tough to reach. Anyway consider that Sardinia is full of spectacular hidden beaches to explore. Just be careful because some places are wild and paths can be precipitous.
Piscinas Beach: if you are adventurous it\’s for you. Be careful, dirty road.
Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu. Reachable by boat  or through a tough path for expert excursionist.
Cala Corsara. You can reach it by boat.   Bye!

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Flo answered 3 years ago

Ciao Andrea,
thank you very much for the detailed information. I really apreciate.
I plan to do a roadrip around the island, so i hope to visit many of your recommended spots.

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