1. Think about a place you would like to visit
Assisi? San Gimignano? Italy is full of beautiful hidden locations
2. Insert a question
Ask everything you would like to know to people who know that place
3. Read the answer
Somebody like you will answer, helping you to find the best solution for your travel
4. Answer to the others
Share your knowledge with other travelers



Do you like history? Do you like trendy bars and restaurants? Or do you prefer visiting a very particular landscape, visible just from hided places? Do not you know fine and traditional restaurant of Italian cities (forget touristic menu restaurant), do you? Would you like to make friendship with local people? Do not you know which city to visit during your first Italian holiday?

PEARAA is the platform for sharing information, ideas and interests around the globe, especially for travelers and who is moving to Italy. Pearaa users are normal people like you, Italian or not, which know the places you would like to visit. They will be glad to help you.

Well, these are just few of the informations and concepts you could get joining PEARAA.

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